Generation Of Deceiving Kik Usernames

Kik is just like any other instant messaging app, however, unlike Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Kik has kik usernames through which people make accounts. So no personal data is required, and no contact details are required too.

Kik Usernames


This is an advantage to a lot of people who want to play around with others, and they often keep their identities hidden. Thanks to not having your original names, and instead having kik usernames, it has reportedly been told that a lot of people have been making fake accounts, hence faking their identities.

The benefit of not having to provide your personal data might sound beneficial, but can be disadvantageous for some reasons as well. You never know who you’re talking to, the kik username can be as pretty as “DaisyGirl98” whereas in reality, it can even be a 45-year-old woman just messing with you. Kik is a free messaging app, however, on iTunes it has been rated 17+, meaning only individuals above 17 are eligible to use it. The reason behind this is very obvious, as I state again, it’s because we are living in a generation of deceiving kik usernames.


Another reason as to why parents should keep a check on their children using kik is because of the amount of “bots” which have accounts there as well. Their kik usernames are similar to normal people. However, they message hundreds talking about adultery and talking some children into opening certain websites they should not be on. Not only this, but as heard by a few, often kidnappers use this messaging forum and talk to naïve children into meeting them, where they might come into action.

A lot of children may give the reason “Mom, strangers can’t message me unless they know my kik username!” But really, how hard is it finding a username out of the blue? Kik also doesn’t provide privacy; anyone who finds out about your kik username can instantly start messaging you. It can get irritating at some point, and the sad thing is not a lot of people know how to block another person on kik.

A murder case also reported, of the lovely 13-year-old Nicole Madison by two Virginia Tech students, was also carried out because she started talking to them about this messaging app. Taking the cover of silly kik usernames, and faking identities have become very easy in the world of today. And as much as awareness can be caused should be done.


In my opinion, children should be kept away from an app as deceiving as this, to be protected from cheats. We need to keep young teens away from this app which is known to be promoting the era of deceiving usernames.